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General customization of Woffice Calendar


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    Webfronten started the conversation


    In the setting page for Woffice Calendar Event I can change Days, Starting day and Default status. How do I define eg. the default colour for General, Personal and Group events?

    When viewing a Group event it shows the group id (eg. Group_156) instead of the title of the group. Could that be fixed?

    Is it possible to have these 2 different calendars: 
    1) Calendar A that views all general events and all group events (not only those the current user is member of)
    2) Calendar B that views all general events, the group events the current user is member of and the current users personal events?  


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    Webfronten replied

    I forgot to mention: will the Woffice Calendar include RSVP in the near future? 

    I can see that RSVP is possible with the EventON calendar, but if EventON doesn't integrate with BuddyPress Groups it's of no use. My intranet is build heavily on the use of Groups. 

    But is it possible to use EventON AND Woffice Calendar at the same time? In that way I could maybe use EventON (and RSVP) for general events, and Woffice Calendar for Group events. 

    Thanks again :-)

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    Abhishek replied


    I have notified the developer about the group id issue should be patched soon.

    Regarding calendar

    [woffice_calendar visibility="general" id="1"]

    • visibility: project, group, personal, general
    • id: the attached ID of the project or group

    general visibility will show all the events along with personal and personal visibility will show all the events he is part of.

    Regarding RSVP

    I'd be happy to add your suggestion to the feature request log. The devs regularly review this and depending on demand for a specific feature they decide on when / if a feature is added. 

    Kind Regards,


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