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Calendar permissions


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    webanditstudio started the conversation

    Is there a shortcode to display a calendar that displays all categories on one calendar i.e. all those calendars tagged as general, under a project name, or under a group name?

    At the moment, to allow everyone to see all events on one calendar we are having to attach every calendar event as "general".

    Also, in your docs you show the shortcode [woffice_calendar visibility="general" id="1"]

    What is the id= "1" for? I use that shortcode to display a general calendar but nothing I see has an id of 1 so what does it do please?


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    Abhishek replied


    [woffice_calendar visibility="general" id="1"]

    • visibility: project, group, personal, general
    • id: the attached ID of the project or group

    You can use the shortcode as

    [woffice_calendar visibility="personal" id="1"]

    It should show the personal as well as general event a user is related to.

    Kind Regards,


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