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  • Hayleigh Thornhill started the conversation

    hello, is there a way to make a second forum which allows logged in users to post anonymously? we want to make a forum for suggestions where only site admins can see who posted the post, and non-admin users just see it as posted by an anonymous user. is there a way to do this?

  • Hayleigh Thornhill replied

    actually, we want it completley anonymous, where even the admins cant see who posted it

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    Abhishek replied


    We are sorry we are providing support for the theme only. Our job is to resolve bugs and theme-related issues. For 3rd party integrations or customizations, truly sorry, we can’t do that here. However, we do have a partner here: https://wpkraken.io?ref=alkaweb that can handle it for you, they have a very good rate and know Woffice.

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