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HELP!!! Error 404 after update on


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    Alex started the conversation


    after updating the Theme to version, permalinks periodically break and almost all pages show a 404 error,

    to fix this you need to constantly overwrite permalinks in the settings Wordpress, every few hours, and the site already has 1500 regular members,

    I’ve been trying to overcome this problem for several days but nothing helps, I can’t even understand after which operation the links are broken, this happens unexpectedly,

    I encounter this for the first time in many years of work, what to do???

    Is it possible to roll back to version for the Theme and plugin Woffice Core?

    or is there another solution?


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    Alex replied


    after turning on:

    define( 'WP_DEBUG_LOG', true );

    it came out that the theme Woffice generates a lot of errors, about 160 errors per minute, or almost 3 errors per second,

    most common errors:

    PHP Notice: Undefined index: visibility in /wp-content/plugins/woffice-core/extensions/woffice-event/class-fw-extension-woffice-event.php on line 655
    PHP Notice: Undefined index: id in /wp-content/plugins/woffice-core/extensions/woffice-event/class-fw-extension-woffice-event.php on line 221
    PHP Notice: Undefined variable: content_type in /wp-content/themes/woffice/archive.php on line 59
    PHP Notice: Undefined offset: 0 in /wp-content/themes/woffice/inc/helpers.php on line 154
    PHP Notice: Undefined variable: _SESSION in /wp-content/plugins/unyson/framework/helpers/class-fw-session.php on line 24

    I’ll send the entire file with errors (debug.log) in a separate message.

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