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Theme bugs and request help.


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    kilenearth started the conversation

    Theme bugs

    A1) breadcrumb position is overlaid on headline of archive page.
    example: https://www.abactoday.com/category/dorm/groovy-condo/

    A2) The left hamburger sidebar cannot scroll properly in mobile. It seems like when we try to scroll, it scroll the full-page instead, not the left hamburger bar itself. http://prntscr.com/p4d9iz
    A3) right sidebar display every page load in mobile until the page completely loaded in mobile,. It could take 2-5 second to load the page which is not expected to be good user experience. http://prntscr.com/p4dapn
    A4) some of the icons on left-side menu is not showing properly. http://prntscr.com/p4d7kh  (We used Unyson's breadcrum extension)

    Request help:
    B1) The main group page and sub-groups are private. It needs to be public page.
    B2) How to hide post excerpt on listing page. We tried it on the 2 extreme which is http://prntscr.com/p4d546 or http://prntscr.com/p4d5v3, but we just need to have "featured image" and "post headline" only.
    B3) read more button is read. It needs to change color and the text. http://prntscr.com/p4d6la
    B4) How can we set Web-app bookmark to customer's phone
    B5) How can we use Push notification or direct message to logged in users' inbox messaging system.

    thank you

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    kilenearth replied

    A5) When we create brand new "page" and set it as "homepage", it gets looping endless redirection. Please help to fix.

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    Alex replied


    confirm bug A2, this is an old problem, one of many,

    if, when you first open the left menu on a mobile device, try scrolling it down to the end, the menu will disappear incorrectly, while the menu close icon indicates that the menu is still open,

    after re-opening the menu, it no longer disappears, but the impression of a careless site and an unstable site is created,

    and this is far from the only problem, unfortunately (((

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    kilenearth replied

    hi Alex. 

    We do not understand your answer. 

    Are you answering only the A2 point? How about the other bugs or help requested?
    Can you please help to answer them point by point please?


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    Alex replied

    Hi kilenearth,

    1. I am not a representative of support, but the same user as you,

    2. Yes, I wrote only about point A2,

    explain in more detail what is not understand in my answer and I will try to clarify.

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    kilenearth replied

    Alex, noted with thanks that you are a user. 

    Well let's wait for the support team to answer these questions

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    kilenearth replied

    A6) "page" are no longer working when using Woffice theme (404 error). Switching back to other theme works normally. 

    We alos tried to save permalink setting to refresh .htaccess but it works only for less than 1 day. After that it gets 404 error again.

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    François replied


    Sorry for the delay on this, but it's a queued ticket system, whenever a reply is added it gets pushed at the end of the queue...

    Here we go:  

    A1. You can use this custom CSS: 

    #featuredbox.centered .pagetitle > h1{ font-size: 40px !important; }

    To make the heading smaller and give some room to the Breadcrumb line, it's also doable from your Theme Settings. But it's just a space issue. The header's height is fixed. So if the headline is too large and goes on 2 lines, there is no space for the breadcrumbs.

    A2. What device are you using + browser? We'll see to reproduce it and get that fixed in the next update. Thanks for the bug report. 

    A3. That's due to the time of executing the JavaScript, I don't have any fix right now on this. You can make your site faster and that issue will go away: 


    A4. Could be an icon conflict, can you send me the icon name or icon screenshot from the backend so I can tell you why. 

    A5. That's likely because it's assigned somewhere else, see: 


    A6. Do you have an example of a certain page? Make sure that if you've DP PRO Calendar plugin you check the "rewrite URL option" out. They explain clearly that this causes 404 errors. Otherwise, we have several ways of fixing it. Also, do you have a tool to monitor your server performances? 

    B1. There is an option for this in the Theme Settings > Permissions > BuddyPress Pages Options.

    B2. You can use some custom CSS ->

    .blog .blog-sum-up {display: none;}

    Or edit the template from your child theme, whatever works better for you. 

    B3. If you've got that content built with the Visual Composer, you want to edit that color directly from there. otherwise it's coming from the Theme Settings > Styling tab as a default color. But the page builder lets you change this color. 

    B4. You can set the icons from the Theme Settings > Styling tab. Woffice creates the manifest file for you. Then on the device -> from any browser -> "Add to Home Screen".

    B5. BuddyPress Profile > Messages > Compose. They also have an option to sent "Notices" to all users. You can also use some plugins if easier for you, there are many available. 

    Kind Regards,


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    kilenearth replied

    B1) [X] Fixed on desktop only, but Mobile is not fixed. Please help to check it on the live site.

    B2.) [X] We used the custom CSS code as you suggested, but it still does not work. Please help. See from https://www.abactoday.com.

    .blog .blog-sum-up {display: none;}

    B3) [X]We are not able to find the (red) color setting in "page builder" or "Theme Settings > Styling tab"

    B4) [X] We cannot find the "icon" setting in  "Theme Settings > Styling tab" that you suggested.

    And we do not understand.... what do you mean by on the device? 

    "Then on the device -> from any browser -> "Add to Home Screen".

    B5) [✓] we will try it. Thanks

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    kilenearth replied

    A1)  [✓] Fixed. Thanks

    A2) [X] We believe that this has been reported by many many people, you should know the issue already. Anyway we use
    - Desktop (mobile view), Windows 10, "Google Chrome Version 76.0.3809.132 (Official Build) (64-bit)"
    - Mobile Samsung galaxy note FE, Android version 9, Chrome version 77.0.3865.73

    >>!!!! Please let us know when will be your ESTIMATED new release which will include this update. Many people (including @Alex in this thread) are waiting for this.

    A3) [X] not fixed, but thank you.

    A4) [✓] Noted. We will send you it later, when we found it again.

    A5) [X] It is not about what you explained. We are talking about all of the pages which is assigned to be the "homepage" will be unlimitted-loop redirect. http://prntscr.com/p5qbzg

    A6) [X] We do not have the "DP PRO Calendar plugin" installed yet. 
    This afternoon the issue came back again. >> We just clicked same permalink to refresh the .htaccess >> it worked as same as last time >> We will send you the URL again when it does not work again. 

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    François replied

    Hello there, 

    A2. It's working for most devices and that's the first report on that issue, we'll have a dev to have a look, our next update is planned within 2 weeks. 

    A5. Can you send me an URL with the issue, just tested: https://www.abactoday.com/app/ it seems to work fine. Is there some specific conditions to trigger the issue? Also, as mentioned in the article, make sure to not have your home page set as the login page in the Theme Settings, because that'd create this very issue and would make total sense. 

    A6. Are you able to monitor your server's performance? Make sure your CPU is not running out of memory, sometimes it can create a 404 error.

    B1. Can you send me more details here? It's a PHP change triggered by that setting so whether you're on mobile or desktop should have no impact. 

    B2. Seems fine on your site, can you send me an URL with the issue so I can send you a better fix. 

    B3. Then, it means it's not from the Theme but from the page builder. You can probably find that color when editing the button. Otherwise, you can apply some custom CSS to fix it. 

    B4. It's on the General tab, where you upload the favicon. Here is a link: https://natomasunified.org/kb/add-website-to-mobile-device-home-screen/ it depends on your browser but whether it's Google Chrome or Safari you have a "Add to home screen" button near the bookmark menu. 

    Have a nice day

    Kind Regards,


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