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  • Hafer81 started the conversation

    Dear all,

    I am using Woffice and I need some more translations. You mentioned and I see it as well, that there are many Germany Translations within the .po File. But I think in my version, there are not installed in the right way. 

    There are all Buttons and Hints in English so far. What I have to do? Enclosed you see that there are so many words in Englisch:

    Attached files:  Projekte Englisch.jpg

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    Abhishek replied


    Translations in Woffice are user-powered. Which means, we receive them from our customers. Any string in Woffice can be translated, see: https://alkaweb.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/WOF/pages/2228238/Languages 

    You can make your own changes in a child themesmile.png 

    Have a nice day

    Kind Regards,


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