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Multiple wiki - Categories in editing and creation


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    I'm trying to limit the user to select EVERY wiki category or categories of another wiki group.

    But the information you provide on the documentation i think its outdated (https://alkaweb.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/WOF/pages/4194441/Multiple+wiki+pages).

    There's a bug if i add this with any id. <?php Woffice_Frontend::frontend_render('wiki',$process_result, 10); ?> 

    Also this line on wiki-taxonomy its not like that anymore. Instead of a zero it shows $term->term_id. 

    $wiki_display = new Woffice_Wiki_Display_Manager(0);
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    Thanks for the doc issue report, we'll look into that ASAP. 

    Can you give us more details about: 

    There's a bug if i add this with any id. <?php Woffice_Frontend::frontend_render('wiki',$process_result, 10); ?>

    What bug are you using? 

    You can replace 0 or whatever there is with your term IDsmile.png 

    Have a nice day

  • iterando replied

    The bug is that the new wiki article section opens up in the front end without clicking the button. And it doesn't restrict the categories I can choose. 

    Attached files:  Screen Shot 2019-08-02 at 18.45.47.png

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    Is there a way you can share with me some credentials so I can have a look. In a private comment. 

    I should be able to fix the first one but for the categories restriction, you will need some more advanced customizations we cannot provide on the support.

    Have a nice day 

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    Thanks, I'm able to connect, can you send me a direct link to that page now so I can see the issue. 

    It'll restrict the posts displayed, that's for sure, but in order to change the Frontend form which contains the displayed categories, you need to edit this file:


    And mostly this function: 

             * Return a taxonomy picker field
             * @param $field_name
             * @param $taxonomy
             * @param $label
             * @param $post_id
             * @return string
            static function taxonomy_field($field_name, $taxonomy, $label, $post_id) {

    Which is possible but again I don't have a tutorial or "how-to" guide to make that happens. So either you have the PHP skills to do it, then it'll be fairly easysmile.png Or you would need to find someone to do the customization for you. We do have recommendation if you are interested. But we can't do that in the support. 

    Have a nice day.

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    Sorry, just checked. You're right, it was designed by the developer to work that way. Will make sure it does. 

    Can you send me your file(s), I can let you know if I find anything weird.

    Have a nice weekend.

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    The files were you made the changes, so likely your child theme here. 

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    You need to change: 

    <?php Woffice_Frontend::frontend_render('wiki', $process_result); ?>


    <?php Woffice_Frontend::frontend_render('wiki', $process_result, 63); ?>

    Line 77. See the: 

    Categories in editing and creation

    part in the doc sectionsmile.png

    Have a nice day.