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Project status appears in the project header


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    Volcap started the conversation

    Could project status appear in the project header? When you enter the preview portion.

    Status is seen on the page where all projects are shown, but when you enter a project, it is not shown which status it has.

    Can you add this?

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    Abhishek replied


    To do that please add the following line  

    <?php $project_status = (function_exists('fw_get_db_post_option')) ? fw_get_db_post_option(get_the_ID(), 'project_current_status') : 'planned'; ?>
    <?php echo '<span class="project-status badge badge-pill '. esc_attr($project_status) . '"><i class="fa '. esc_attr($project_status_icon) .' pr-2"></i>'. esc_html($project_status) . '</span>'; ?>

    in /woffice/template-parts/content-single-project.php

    at line no 98.

    Let me know if you need further help.

    Kind Regards,


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    Volcap replied


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    Volcap replied

    Hello, how can you add this code in the next updates? 

    Every time I have a new update, I have to go to woffice and add this code.

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    François replied

    Hi there, 

    Sorry about that!.. The snippet has been improved and added to Woffice. Therefore, it'll be in the next update. 

    Have a nice day

    Kind Regards,


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