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File Away plugin


  • cdviamedia started the conversation

    Please find a new file manager. File Away is closed! 

    Please read wordpress.org 

    This plugin was closed on April 5, 2019 and is no longer available for download. 

    • Last updated:4 years ago
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    Abhishek replied


    Thanks for reaching out to us, I would like you to know that 

    we have rebranded the plugin under Alkalab and we took the maintenance on board.

    Now we maintain it, so Woffice doesn’t bundle the original plugin anymore.

    In Woffice/Inc/plugins you will find our version .

    Have a nice day.

    Kind Regards,


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  • especiaria replied


    I'm looking for File Away too and I could not understand what woffice/inc/plugins means.

    Could you help?


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    François replied

    Hello Igor, 

    See attached image pleasesmile.png 

    Attached files:  plugins_and_Slack_-_Alkalab.jpg

    Kind Regards,


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