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Icons / Share-one-Drive Plugin


  • decaturdigitalsolutions started the conversation

    I use the Share-one-Drive plugin for my file management. That plugin is here:


    There appears to be a conflict with this theme as it relates to icons. On all other pages of the site, the menu icons work fine. But when I go to a page that is displaying a shortcode from the one oneDrive plugin, many (but not all) of the icons turn to boxes. See screenshot attachment.

    I understand this may be a plugin issue, but I'm hopeful you might be able to assist.

    Attached files:  boxes.PNG

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    Imran replied


    Thanks for writing in! As it's related to the 3rd-party plugin, I would recommend contacting the plugin support regarding this customization and they should be able to assist you with this. Our theme is developed to WordPress standards, so any advice the plugin support give can be used with our themes as well. 

    You can also try finding an alternative plugin which is more compatible. You may find out the most suitable from the following:


    Best Regards,

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