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    there is an issue with the Projects Plugin.

    There is this note above the members selection field:

    PROJECT MEMBERS:If it's empty, all members'll be allowed to see it (leave empty for groups projects)

    If you leave the the field empty, all users get the "Nothing Found" information on  the projects page and on the project tab inside the group. (Photo_1)

    If you select the groups from the project category list, there are still no projects visible inside the group. (Photo_2)

    I found out that the project creator is automatically selected as a project member. Thats why the other users / groups do not see the projects which should be "group projects"

    Does somebody have that issues?

    How to solve it?

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    François replied

    Hello George, 

    Sorry for the delay on this ticket. 

    Do you mind turning on your debug mode -> WP_DEBUG, see: 


    Because the empty content is very likely a non-displayed PHP error. 

    Also, regarding the project not found error, could you send use some access to that page please, this shouldn't happen in these circumstances. 

    Kind Regards,


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