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Restore Backup Unysom DB Syntax Failed decode Line


  • LOClemons started the conversation

    Installed Woffice ALL in ONE with DEMO data, checked PERMLINK, added child, Unysom created backup.  Went back to restore file and returned error.

    Attempted to restore back up from Unysom

    04/15/2018 4:00 am
    Content Backup | 244.76 MB

    Message returned:

    Database restore: Failed to decode line 7828 from db file. Syntax error, malformed JSON

    I don't have database access, so it would be a ticket to host site.  if the file was to edited, to what? Is malformed JSON fatal to restoring database content?  

    File is too big, but I downloaded backup file.

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    François replied


    Is there a way you can send us that backup file please? 

    With a tool like: https://wetransfer.com/

    Kind Regards,


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