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    When I use the EOnet footer widget it gives a space between the top of the footer and the last element on the page. This area shows the body of the page and the body of the footer. What I need to do is to have no "gap" between the footer and the last element on the page. 

    Can it be done so that the top of the footer aligns with the bottom of the last element on the page?

    In the attached image you will see I have highlighted the white part that is made up of the bottom of the page and the top of the footer. THe white strip on every page looks bad. I was getting around it by having the footer integrated into the page but that makes maintenance really hard and defeats the purpose of having a footer at all.

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    François replied


    Yes, you can copy/past this custom CSS into your Theme settings' custom CSS field: 

        padding-bottom: 0 !important;
        padding-top: 0 !important;

    I hope that helps

    Kind Regards,


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  • MarcofDisruption replied

    Perfect - thank you!