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display username in who is online widget


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    Geert Baven started the conversation

    Goodmorning support, I need to display usernames (firstname only) in the who is online widget under the avatar. I looked into buddypress support as you recommended previously and I found a code snippet which will probably work but it needs a little tweaking and I am not succeeding. In the following link on buddypress support https://buddypress.org/support/topic/put-user-descripton-under-avatar-in-whos-online/ you see the question and answer on this. Can you tell me how the entire snipped has to be made including the loop with bp_has_members() and bp_get_member_user_id()   ?

    I would really appreciate that. Thanks in advance


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    Marcos replied


    Thank you for getting in touch. The Who's Online widget is a core BuddyPress widget, we do not recommend to make modifications to core components of plugins with a direct edit. In any case the BuddyPress community can provide you the needed guidance on how to change or extend the BuddyPress plugin. Unfortunately this is is beyond of our support scope, we really sorry for not beinf so helpful here. Have a nice day.

    Kind Regards,


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