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  • DGspan started the conversation


    5 Questions.

    how can i disable the "automatic" login like on your community demo?

    where can i find the shortcode "private page" (communits demo)?

    how to show a "sort post" bar in grid?

    is it possible to have the "special field" from directory also in blog posts?

    no underline in clickable elements. This is so ugly.

    thanks, Daniel

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    Antonio replied

    Hello Daniel,

    1) You can find that option in Theme Settings > Login/Register > Registers options

    2) The private page isn't a shortcode, it is displayed when the current user cannot display the that specific page. you can change the settings of the page in the single page settings, basically scrolling down from where you insert the content of a page.

    3) Unfortunately that's not possible.

    4) Unfortunately that's not possible neither.

    5) That's the simpler way to inform an user that those words are clickable, if you don't like that style you can just change it with a custom CSS.

    Best Regards,

  • DGspan replied

    Hi Antonio,

    thank you the fast response. When we go on the website www.mycarwrap.eu/new we will be automatically redirected to the login page. How to visit the site without logging in?

    SORRY, found it! The website was not public...

    Thank you,


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    Antonio replied

    Hello Daniel,

    I am happy you have already solved it.

    If you have any other question, just let me know

    Best Regards,