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FATAL ERROR when Activating the Theme


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    Codywulfy started the conversation


    I'm working with Hostgator and when I activate the theme just after uploading it i get this message

    "Fatal error: Can't use function return value in write context in
    /wp-content/themes/eonet/inc/buddypress-helpers.php on line 975"

    Which breaks the site. I have to remove the theme from the themes folder to fix the site.

    I tried the theme on my local computer using XAMPP and it works fine. Can you help me out? I really like the theme.


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    Antonio replied

    Hello Codywulfy,

    It depends on your PHP version, I think you are using a version quite old. I would suggest you to contact your provider and update your PHP to at least 5.6.

    If for any reason you cannot update your PHP, let me know and I'll explain you what lines you can change in your code.

    Best Regards,

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    Codywulfy replied

    OH WOW!

    Thank you so much Antonio! I updated my PHP version and it worked!! Thank you!!! I love this theme so much! Awesome work and awesome service!

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    François replied

    You'll have better performance with that change 

    Feel free to rate Eonet on Themeforest (Downloads page) if you like the theme and / or the support it helps us work on it and making it better. 

    Have a nice weekend.  

    Kind Regards,


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