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Admin Bar and Login Button


  • EternityShaina started the conversation

    Two things:

    1. the admin bar is visible even to logged out users. I do not want it at all.

    2. Login button is not visible on mobile. A blank space is there with a link to login, but no one will know because there is no icon or words.

  • EternityShaina replied


    1. BuddyPress setting to show admin bar was checked, so I unchecked it and now its not visible.

    2. Icon for login link is missing still...

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    Antonio replied

    Hello EternityShaina,

    I am sorry for the waiting here.

    1. I am happy that you have already sorted out it
    2. I am not very sure to understand this issue, may you provide me a screenshot? I've reached the link attached with this ticket but the site doesn't use Woffice theme.

    Best Regards,

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  • EternityShaina replied

    I sent a private ticket saying because I didn't receive help I couldn't use it so I used a different theme. 

    The problem is that the login button is missing on mobile. Please see attachment.

    P.S. I had another issue that I sent as separate ticket. I need to allow users to edit directory items from the front-end. 

    Thank you

    Attached files:  IMG_6929.PNG

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    François replied


    We'd need some access as we can't reproduce it on our side. 

    Keep us posted. 

    Kind Regards,


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