From EventON to Pro Event Calendar


This article is outdated. Woffice has a new documentation here: 


If anything is missing, let us know and we will improve it. It was designed to be searchable, more organized and more complete. 


Woffice has been using EventON plugin from day one but due to recent changes in their licensing policy we've decided to change step by step to Pro Event Calendar.

We'll make the change smoothly starting at Woffice version 2.1.2, you'll always be able to use EventON and it'll be included and updated in any future Woffice version. But Pro Event Calendar will be advised as a first choice. 

Why ? 

EventON has became very expensive compared to Woffice's license price. Our goal is to provide top-notch intranets for a fair price and the best customer support possible. But if you want to use Woffice along a complete professional calendar, even if EventON is included, you might need to put an extra $100 to get it working with the features you'd need. 

Wordpress Pro Event Calendar doesn't have addon, it's everything in one shot : https://codecanyon.net/item/wordpress-pro-event-calendar/2485867

It also have the useful "frontend event submission" included for free. Note that most addons from Eventon are included for free within Wordpress Pro Event Calendar

Note that you can use any of those 2 plugins included with Woffice and even use them together. 

All installable plugins zips can be found under woffice/inc/