Why is the members map not working ?


This article is outdated. Woffice has a new documentation here: 


If anything is missing, let us know and we will improve it. It was designed to be searchable, more organized and more complete. 


Here, we'll see how to make the users map working on your website. This article is going to help you if you already have set up the Locations for your users AND the Users map extension is already enabled.

1. Make sure the API connection is working

You can find another tutorial here : https://alkaweb.ticksy.com/article/4227/

Then make sure the status is set to "OK" and nothing else :

2. Save again your profile details

Go to your Buddypress profiles, and save again your profile (http://YOURSITE.com/members/USERNAME/profile/edit/group/1/).

Why ? Because we fetch all the locations from a PHP array which is refreshed when you save any Buddypress profile.

3. Check the address on Google Map

Go to Google Map and copy/past you address : http://maps.google.com, be sure there is a result to your query. Otherwise Google Geocoding API need more details ;)