404 error on Project single pages


This article is outdated. Woffice has a new documentation here: 


If anything is missing, let us know and we will improve it. It was designed to be searchable, more organized and more complete. 


This article is for you, if all the Single project pages are redirecting to a 404 :

As first thing try to change your permalinks, save them, and change back again, often permalinks need a refresh after addin new post types and just saving them again all is solved.

If the issue persists, the issue is that Wordpress use post types for all the different posts (wiki, project, blog, directory...).

And we're using the "project" one in our Project extension BUT Unyson portfolio extension is using the same ....

You have 2 ways to make it work :

1) Change the Portfolio's projects slug ->http://manual.unyson.io/en/latest/extension/portfolio/index.html#hooks

You can add this to your woffice-child/functions.php

 * @internal
function _filter_custom_portfolio_post_slug($slug) {
    return 'slug_different_from_project_here';
add_filter('fw_ext_portfolio_post_slug', '_filter_custom_portfolio_post_slug');

2) Deactivate the Portfolio extension from Unyson

Once done, you can create your project from the Projects tab and all will be working.