Multisite Installation


This article is outdated. Woffice has a new documentation here: 


If anything is missing, let us know and we will improve it. It was designed to be searchable, more organized and more complete. 


We'll see here how to install Woffice on multisite installations. As said on our page the compatibility is a bit tricky but possible.

First, a really important thing to note is that Multiverso plugin (we're using it for the files management) is not compatible with multisite installation, so you won't be able to use it AND please don't install this plugin (it'll cause many issues).

Then, when you're installing the theme unlike the documentations saids, you'll have to install the plugins manually.

First, you need to install/activate this plugin before the installation :


Go in your Wordpress dashboard to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload Plugin

You'll find all the Plugins files in woffice/inc :

Moreover, if you have Woffice < 1.2.4 you can find some PHP notices but it's fixed in 1.2.4

Note : Regarding the Unyson Extensions

You'll find in both the subsite and the main network site the Unyson page (in the menu). In order to enable the required extensions as explained in the documentation, you'll have to go the Network site Unyson page to find them.

Let us know if you have any question ;)