Here are the steps to allow Google Sign In for your Woffice website ;) (first be sure the user email is the same that your Google email)

  • Go to your Unyson page (left menu in Wordpress)
  • Enable the "Woffice Social Login" extension and click on "settings"
  • THEN, we need to create a Google Dev Project -> https://console.developers.google.com/project
  • Create a new project and copy past the name in the Extension's settings
  • Once the project created, go to the API library
  • Enable the Google+ API :
  • Add new "Credentials" :
  • Insert a Name and the Authorized redirect URIs:
  • You will find the in Unyson > Woffice Social Login > Settings:
  • Click "create" and a popup will show you strings that you have to insert in Unyson > Woffice Social Login > Settings:


The Custom login page needs to be activated of course.