IMPORTANT: Ticksy issues explanation and security tips

As you certanly know, Ticksy is going crazy in the latest weeks. Things seem to be working well until yesterday, when it faced a very tragic issue. The caching system of the sessions messed up! Our team have been logged in as customers they were replying to and vice versa. This means that potentially, for some ours, some customers might have been granted to access to private tickets and our notes, so, still potentially, also read your private credentials, if you provided them in some ticket.

Neither us or Ticksy are able to know what ticket have been read. Ticksy ensures that the access as been blcoked soon, so likely nothing happened, however if you provided some credentials in some tickets (above all if recently), we of Alkaweb team strongly suggest you to change that credentials.

Please note that this has been a issue caused by Ticksy, a service that we use as you do. It is creating troubles to us as well and we are not happy at all to provide a bad or slow support service. We didn't changed service provider yet because we feel that change it would create some troubles both for us and customers, for many reasons. However, if troubles will persist, we will be more than happy tochange it, in order to provide a better service to you.

We apologize again for this - and we hope you will understand it. We do strive to provide you the best service.

Alkaweb team.