Work Anniversary Extension


This article is outdated. Woffice has a new documentation here: 


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As of Woffice 2.4.1 we have decided to not include a Work Anniversary Extension in the main Woffice files. 

This extension creates a Work Anniversary widget that you can customize through several settings. 


It is basically a copy/past of the Birthdays extension with a few changes so it works independently. It would be achieved by any developer within an hour or so. 

Therefore, we decided to make it available out of the theme files but ready to use


  1. Download the extension zip: https://woffice.io/extensions/woffice-work-anniversary.zip
  2. Upload it (once unzipped) with your FTP at wp-content/themes/woffice/framework-customizations/extensions/ or if you use a child theme (which is better!): wp-content/themes/woffice-child/framework-customizations/extensions/
  3. You can find it under Unyson Extensions. Click "Activate". 
  4. You are all good, the widget have been created! :)